Avoiding multiple instance of a Windows Application

This code snippet allows you to restrict running multiple instances of an application. Put this in the main function of program.cs of your windows application.

This code needs System.Diagnostics namespace to be included in the Class.

Process aProcess = Process.GetCurrentProcess();
string aProcName = aProcess.ProcessName;

if (Process.GetProcessesByName(aProcName).Length > 1)

The most perfect method to avoid multiple instance running simultaneously is using the Mutex object of System.Threading class. Here is the sample,

bool isAlreadyRunning = false;
using (System.Threading.Mutex mtex = new System.Threading.Mutex(true, “MyApplication”, out isAlreadyRunning))
if (isAlreadyRunning)
Application.Run(new frmSplash());    //Startup form of your application
MessageBox.Show(“An application instance is already running.”, “MyApplication”,  MessageBoxButtons.OK);

put this code in the Main() function of Program.cs class of your windows application.


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